ABaKaDa - The Filipino Alphabet in Big and Small Letters

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ABaKaDa (The Modern Filipino Alphabet) - Effective Reading Guide for Kids

ABaKaDa - The Filipino Alphabet

The ABaKaDa is the Filipino Alphabet that is vital in learning the Tagalog language.

It has 20 consonant and vowel letters. The fifteen (15) consonant letters Bb Kk Dd Gg Hh Ll Mm Nn NGng Pp Rr Ss Tt Ww Yy are joined with the vowel letter Aa.

The other vowel letters Ee Ii Oo Uu, are not blended with any consonant letters.

It is easy to remember because of the song made by the folk singer, Florante.

The Abakada song is very famous, and is very useful for Filipino children.

Well, not just for Filipino but for other nationalities who are learning the Filipino language.

I included this as it's one of the effective reading guides for children to learn to read English and Tagalog.

The ABaKaDa Filipino alphabet in big and small letters

ABaKaDa in Big Letters - The Filipino Alphabet Effective Reading Guide for Kids
ABaKaDa in small letters - The Filipino Alphabet Effective Reading Guide for Kids

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