Short, But Powerful Inspirational Mantra from Momentumdash for January 2021

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    Are you feeling down lately?

    Has there been a time in your life that you are staring at nothing? Thinking so deep but doesn't have anything particular in mind?

    How many times in your life have you experienced like you are carrying the problems of the whole world? When in fact, you don't know what your problem is.

    Has there been a time when you asked yourself why do you exist? What is the purpose of your existence in this intricate world?

    Has there been a time in your life when you have everything, but you are not happy?

    How often do you feel depressed? How do you live through it?

    Depression is what most people have experienced, and some are currently enduring it.

    No one can tell of when it will hit you. However, there are times that we just feel sad or depressed, and it's normal.

    There are times in my life that I feel depressed for no apparent reason.

    In many instances, I stared at nothing, and that nasty feeling of sadness stole most of my time and stopped me from doing my usual routine.

    Because of that, my day wasn't productive, and my tasks piled up.

    My ways of getting over depression.

     No to depression Value Yourself and Start Now

    It may not easy to deal with it, but it takes the courage and willingness to dare to do it.

    Here are the things I do if I feel sad or depressed.

    1. Don't think too much.
    I stopped forcing myself to do my routine and remind myself not to think much of useless things.

    2. Take a rest from social media.
    I also stopped spending too much time on social media. I logged out of my Facebook and Instagram accounts (I only have these two for personal use) and even uninstalled the applications.

    I installed it back after a couple of months but, I didn't stay longer on social media the way I used to.

    3. Pray the holy rosary. 
    I sometimes read some quotes and words of God but, most of the times, I pray the holy rosary before I sleep.

    My thought is, if I can spend hours of hours watching movies, animes, playing mobile games (sometimes), then why I can't spend even 30 minutes to pray? 

    I honestly don't know the four mysteries of the rosary and what mystery to pray on a specific day until the pandemic. I didn't memorize each mysteries as I am struggling in memorizing. What I did was, I used YouTube and I followed along while holding a rosary. This method helped me to remember the four sets of mysteries and the day they should be prayed.

    4. I'm tired of watching dramas. 
    I used to watch a lot of Korean dramas, Hollywood movies, and etc. But I got tired of watching dramas and movies especially if the story is relatable. I'm already dealing with dramas in life, and I can no longer add another heavy heart feelings.

    What I am watching are the comedy and light-hearted anime. Anime is the best cure for me to restrain feeling depressed.

    5. Read other people's stories.
    Sometimes, I read the stories of other people and compare my situation to them. That made me realize that their problem is more complicated than mine.

    But I don't do this often because of #1.

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    6. Read positive and motivational quotes.
    My favorite source of the positive phrases is the free add-on of Google, the Momentumdash. Every time I open my computer/laptop, the first application I click is the Google Chrome to see what's my mantra and quotes of the day.

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    Short but powerful inspirational mantra for January 2021.

    Here's the daily mantra that I've compiled from Momentumdash for January 2021. I hope these mantras will help you to be more positive in life. 

    Trust your instincts.

    Live with less.

    Run your own race.

    All is well.

    Help others.

    Do the things you love.

    Dream big dreams.

    Follow your excitement.

    Start now.

    It's never too late.

    What you resist, persists.

    Let it be.

    Act without expectation.

    Be kind.

    You are worthy.

    Talk less, listen more.

    Yes, you can!

    Make your dreams happen.

    Be fearless.

    Everything you need is within you.

    Take a deep breath.

    See the good.

    Trust the process.

    Make it count.

    Life happens now.

    Every day is precious.

    One step at a time.

    Judge less, accept more.

    Make a difference.

    Value yourself.

    Empower yourself.

    What are your favorite short inspirational quotes? Share yours in the comment section below.

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