Are You Shillyshallying? The Daily Inspirational Mantra for February 2021

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Are You Shillyshallying?

Not anymore! I have no such time to waste now as I wasted too much time yesterday!

As a student before, that was eleven years ago, to be exact. I want to hurry things up. I want to graduate and have a high-paying job right away. So I could buy and complete the books that I like and have a library of my own. I listed some places that I desire to visit someday. A dream house and a car were on my list too.

Eventually, when I am already a graduate, my goal to have a high-paying job did not happen.

Because I accepted a post with an average compensation that you could say good enough for a living.

Instead of looking for a new job with a better salary, I decided to stay with the company. I let myself be distracted by my surrounding that resulted for me to go with the flow.

Emotions swelled up and became a priority. Problems that come and go did not bother to change my mind. The pride that you can do better than your colleagues and stay longer than supposed.

All these things kept me from doing more at work but, I have not saved even a single penny; not even a good career path.

Because of my wishy-washy decision-making, I did not accomplish any of my goals, even the small ones.

But, I gained experience and remarkable knowledge on how to survive in this endless world. I have become more aware of my surroundings, the people that I want to work with and make friends with.

After several years of shillyshallying, I realized that I have to make a move and think about my future career. Otherwise, I will get left behind in this advancing world, and it will do no good for me.

Regrets will be waiting for me as I approach the end of my life.

The inspirational quotes about life and God's words had driven me to reach new heights. Moreover, the daily quotes and mantra from Momentumdash have the most contribution for me to stop shillyshallying.

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The Inspirational Mantra for February 2021

Here's the compilation of my daily mantra from Momentumdash for February 2021. Collecting these mantras is my favorite thing to do.

Be the change.

Be grateful.

Practice kindness.

Focus on the positive.

Do your part.

Be still.

More money, more problems.

Be peaceful, happy and whole.

This too shall pass.

Live fearlessly.

Enjoy the process.

Be happy.

Be a magnet of joy, love and abundance.

Do great things.

You can and you will.

Accept the challenge.

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

Illuminate the beauty in others.

Progress, not perfection.

Make time.

Find your joy.

It's a good day to have a good day.

Aim for excellence, not perfection.

Forgive yourself.

Live what you love.

Do no harm.

Make it happen.

Open your heart.

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Every minute counts. Every forgotten idea is a waste. Everything that is on your mind is of great importance. A little more action can make a big difference. A simple but meaningful word is a burst of sunshine to anyone. Every precious moment is an invaluable gift. Time is a priceless thing, and no one can take it back.

Enough shillyshallying and plan a strategy for your own battle. It's better to start today and make a difference than to regret it later!

Enough shillyshallying and plan a strategy for your own battle. The Daily Inspirational Mantra from Momentum

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