May Merry Month Be Yours | Short but Powerful Mantra for May 2021

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May Merry Month Be Yours!

Do you need some motivation for this month? Here's the inspirational mantra for May 2021.

Daily Mantra for May 2021

My current circumstances are a gift to help me grow.

Stay true.

You've got this!

Start with optimism.

Don't talk about it, be about it.

Be at peace.

Nature heals.

This is the moment to begin.

Stay positive.

I accept who I am in my entirety.

Be honest.

I am enough. I have enough.

Practice makes permanent.

I will succeed.

I take one step, then another, then another.

Have fun.

My actions lead to a life of abundance.

Remember who you are.

Eat the frog.

I create the life I wish to have.

Today will be an excellent day!

Love yourself first.

You are creative.

I am capable and competent.

Yes, you can.

Each breath I take fills my body, mind, and spirit with positive energy.

My wealth, in all its forms, increases day by day.

Live your truth.

Bloom with grace.

Miracles happen in my life all the time.

I feel beautiful. I am beautiful.

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