10 Clever Ways to Create a Unique Blog Name

Are your blog domain name ideas already taken by other bloggers? That must be the reason why you clicked this site. I know how frustrating and stressful it is to find out that someone already owned the blog name you come up with.

Scroll down now and find out the 10 clever ways to create your unique blog name before someone owns it.
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    You already have a blog niche, you've prepared a logo and some materials needed for your blog, have some great blog content in mind, and a CATCHY blog name!

    You are ready to create your blog on a blogging platform. However, the best blog name and domain name that you have in mind is no longer available!!

    And this is where your frustration begins.

    I know how it feels to find out that my preferred blog name and domain name are already owned by another blogger.

    I've experienced this many times as there are millions of websites and active bloggers nowadays.

    My struggles in coming up with a blog name.

    I'd tried some blog name generators, the free online tools that generate ideas for blog names using a keyword, and got a long list of blog name ideas from them.

    The results are pretty good, as I've got several suggestions that I can use for my blog name.

    While I'm in the process of coming up with my blog name, I realized that something is not quite right.

    I spent more hours again putting the blog names on my list together but, to no avail. I still can't find a good blog name that is something unique and generic. Because my blog is not just focused on one niche.

    While doing research online, I found clever ways to create a unique blog name. I tried this technique and it worked.

    There are actually lots of clever ways that might help you come up with a unique blog name. I didn't utilize them because I was so impatient to start my blog.

    Don't do this. Have some patience as it is the key for you to come up with a good blog name.

    How to create a unique blog name?

    Patience. Creativity. Patience and patience.

    These are the traits that you MUST have while coming up with a unique blog name. 

    If you already have a list of blog names, check their availability first and rank them from best to least. Then let a few days pass by before you start creating your blog. As you might end up deleting or changing your blog and domain name if you felt like something is not right with your blog name.

    But if you are worried that your chosen domain name will be taken by another blogger, create your blog and get the domain name quickly.

    If you're not satisfied yet with the blog names on your list, here are the tips and tricks that will help you create a unique blog name.

    10 clever ways to create a unique blog name.

    1. Your Name.

    This is not a Japanese anime movie, Your Name. It is your full name, nickname, last name, initials, or even middle name. You can use your name as the name of your blog.

    Many successful bloggers are using their names as their blog names. If you're okay publicizing your name to the whole world, use it now to save time in coming up with your blog name.

    If you are going to make a personal blog, your name might be a good idea as your blog's name.

    This way, you won't have competitors or difficulty registering your domain name or the address of your website; unless you have a common name then that's another problem.

    Another good thing to use your name is you can write content in different niches. You don't have to focus on just one niche if you have other blog ideas. 

    If you don't like using your name as your blog name and prefer to crack up your mind to come up with a catchy blog name, read the other clever ways to create a unique blog name.

    2. Your Name + Weird/Random Word.

    If you want to use your name but not really your full name as your blog name, you may use random words that are relevant to your niche. Especially if you have a common name and the domain name is already owned by someone else. Adding some weird or random words in your name is a clever way to name your blog.

    3. Unrelated/Mixed Words.

    Describing a word using unrelated or mixed words can be pretty helpful to create a catchy blog name too. You can also tweak the spelling to have a unique blog name.

    4. Alliteration.

    This method is to repeat the first letter of each word. It is one of the best and most stylistic ways to create a name for your blog.

    See the below examples of alliteration for you to have an idea.

    American Airlines
    Krispy Kreme
    Best Buy
    Dunkin' Donuts
    Donald Duck
    Mickey Mouse
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Peter Parker
    Luna Lovegood
    Many More

    5. English Dictionaries.

    Oxford English, Merriam-Webster, Thesaurus, Collins English, and Cambridge, to name a few, can be helpful tools to come up with a unique blog name.

    Using a keyword that you think is good for your blog name, look for the synonyms, antonyms, or any word in the dictionary or thesaurus that might give you a good idea for your blog name.

    You might also stumble over unique words that might give you another idea for the name of your blog while flipping the pages of the English dictionaries.

    6. Foreign Languages.

    Do not just consider English dictionaries. Do not limit yourself to the language that you only know.

    You may want to consider dictionaries in other languages too to come up with a unique blog name. Translating your keyword into another language is also the best way to create a good blog name. 

    7. Books, Articles, and Magazines.

    Read books, articles, or magazines as you might discover a word or phrase in your favorite book or article that might be good as your blog name. Or you might want to use your favorite book character's name and add some catchy words to it. You can also use phrases that catch your attention.

    If you are into reading thick books, history, literature, mythology, and fantasy books can be the best sources for your blog name.

    If you are into science and fond of scientific names, then grab your science books now. The same goes if you love topology and geometry.

    If you're not fond of reading long, thick books, head to your magazine rack and grab your favorite magazine.

    8. Abbreviation.

    An abbreviation is a good idea to have a short blog name.

    By abbreviating your blog name, your audience won't have difficulty remembering your website. If you have a long blog name, you might want to shorten it by simply abbreviating it.

    But be careful because it might be the abbreviation of one of the established companies or brand names that might cause confusion to your audience.

    So research first if the abbreviation of your blog name is also the name of one of the companies, organizations, bloggers, etc.

    9. Cartoon or Anime Characters or Superheroes.

    Manga and anime are still trending nowadays. In fact, with the help of social media, many anime and manga are being introduced all over the world. There are superheroes as well. If you are fond of reading manga and watching anime, you might stumble across unique phrases or words that you can use to name your blog.

    10. Brainstorm with your Friends or Family.

    "Two heads are better than one." according to a proverb. If you have come up with some ideas for your blog name, you can ask for some advice from your friends or family members if there's a blog name on your list that they like. Having other people in your brainstorming will also help you come up with amazing blog name ideas. It is a clever way as well to come up with a blog name because they will be your first readers to your blog.


    Did you find it interesting? Or did it ruin the list of blog names you have?

    If you still can't think of a unique blog name for your niche after trying these smart ways to create a unique blog name, you may use the blog name generator for more suggestions based on the additional keywords you've got.

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